125g plain flour 35g milk powder 2 tsp dried egg, or 1 fresh egg. Can be omitted if unavailable. Water

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Parmigiana Pie

Ingredients Either one 400g packet of frozen sliced aubergine, or two large fresh aubergines cut into 5mm slices + olive oil for drizzling 75g breadcrumbs 2 balls mozzarella – stored frozen and defrosted, then sliced. 50g grated parmesan or vegetarian alternative – stored frozen 2 tbsp oil 3 tsp garlic puree Pinch of dried chilli […]

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Prepping for… The Myth of WWII

I often see people suggesting that if we cannot import as much food, then Britain will simply have to grow more of its own and forego pineapples, often referencing WWII. This is a vicious lie, and ignores the sacrifice of the thousands in the Merchant Navy who lived and died to keep the country fed. […]

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Prepping for… Tight Budgets

Just like finding enough storage space, finding the money to stockpile is a big concern for many. Always prep within your means – and never, ever go into debt to pay for it. It is better to sell some un(der)used items you already have than to go into debt. The uncertainty surrounding Brexit means that […]

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Tortilla Wraps

Ingredients (makes 4) 200g self raising flour Quarter of a tsp salt 1.5 tbsp oil, plus some for frying 100ml lukewarm water Method Mix the flour and salt together Add the oil and flour Mix to create a dough Knead for 3 mins Divide into quarters and roll out as thin as you possibly can […]

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Prepping for… Dairy

Dairy is one of the harder things to prep. Its inherently perishable nature means that we have to be inventive with our prepping Milk Milk prepping comes down to two main options: powdered or UHT. I’ve opted for powder, for a couple of reasons Powdered takes up less space in my cupboard Powdered has a […]

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Homity Pie

This recipe originally came from the Hairy Bikers, but I decided to use it as a testbed for a few different ingredients that I’d bought as store cupboard replacements for ingredients I’d normally buy fresh. Ingredients Two large tins of potatoes, drained and cut into chunks (about 650g) Half a tin of onions, or 1.5 […]

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