I always though preppers were batshit crazy. Now I am one.

The image of preppers was of redneck Americans toting sub-machine guns and preparing for the zombie apocalypse or other collapse of civilisation. Some appeared to be looking forward to that happening.

It wasn’t something I could identify with; the threats were too abstract and unlikely. I was living in Britain, and took it for granted that there would always be bountiful food in Tesco.

In 2016, the EU referendum happened, and much to my shock and dismay we voted to leave. I’d always supported Remain, though at that stage I hadn’t realised the implications for supply problems; I don’t think many people had. I decided I was going to prep in Spring 2018, when the possibility of supply problems started to emerge. I put it off until after a house move, and started to actively prep in October 2018.

I found a very helpful Facebook community called 48% Preppers – full of mostly ordinary people like me, shocked to find themselves in this position, and weapons talk was banned.

However, what struck me was that while I and several thousand other people were building up a stockpile of non-perishable goods, and we liked all the ingredients were were buying, we were used to cooking with at least some fresh ingredients and there were few recipes around that were made entirely from non-perishable ingredients. So, I decided to start this blog – part recipes, part prepping inspiration for those considering what to prep.

One of my main principles is no major purchases of items I wouldn’t use if Brexit was cancelled. I am aiming to buy early, not buy extra. Prepping is, for me, a no lose scenario. If No Deal happens and it is as bad as I fear, I will be grateful I prepped. If Brexit is cancelled or goes swimmingly, I will simply have lower shopping bills for a few months. I

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